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Our Training Focuses



Change Naughty to Nice

Does your dog jump on your guests? Does your dog pull on the leash? Does your dog resource guard? At Golden Canine Club, we help teach your naughty pup how to behave nicely in these challenging situations and learn to make better decisions on their own. That means no more giving them commands over and over or even yelling at them. That means being able to trust our dog to make the best decision in any situation. That means a more harmonious relationship between our four-legged friend and us!


Pup to Well-Mannered Canine Citizen

Did you just get an adorable puppy? Are you looking for a comprehensive program to guide your pup through its puppyhood and grow into a well-mannered family member and canine citizen? At Golden Canine Club, we specialize in creating personalized programs that tailor to your pup's needs and teach them the most important concepts to them. Do they play bite and won't let go? An understanding of disengagement and arousal down would probably benefit them the most! Are they unsure of stranger and other animals? A boost of optimism is just what they need. Do they seem to have limitless energy and won't settle down? We will teach them that calmness is king!

Image by Andrew Schultz
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Better Understanding and Interaction with the World

Did you just adopt a rescue that seems to have limited socialization experiences? Did you have difficulty socializing your pup due to COVID-19 and is looking to catch up? At Golden Canine Club, we will guide you through safety protocols when it comes to socialization to ensure that each new experience is a fun and positive one. You will learn in-depth about canine body language and how to tell whether your dog is confident in any situation. Your pup will come out of training well-adjusted to the world and always expecting good things to happen!

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